Engaging with Open does not entail any form of long-term commitment.  We can work with you on a project basis, or over a fixed-term contract ensuring you are kept in absolute control.  The benefits of such a flexible approach to resourcing are open for all to see:

  • Experience - over 16 years packaging experience gained in the most stringent production environments for some of the largest Blue Chip organisations (H J Heinz, GlaxoSmithKline and Colgate Palmolive).
  • Flexibility – an additional resource that can be used on a single project - regardless of how big or small - or over a fixed-term contract.
  • Control – you are in complete control as you only pay for what you require, and this is determined by you. This makes budgeting easier too.
  • Cost-effective – no long term commitments usually associated with full-time employees.
  • A different perspective – as an outsider looking in, a different perspective can be offered to the conventional wisdom.
  • Networking – a new network of suppliers can be introduced to your organisation, or we can work with your existing suppliers.
  • Industry knowledge – as a member of the Institute of Packaging, Open is able to draw upon a significant pool of industry knowledge and a wealth of expertise.
  • Location – we can work onsite in your offices, or remotely from Open’s mid-Cheshire base, controlling costs still further.
  • No hassle – no need for recruitment agencies, saving you both time and money.


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